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No toxic chemicls equals healthier indoo

About Us

About Us

All antimicrobial solutions we use are EPA-approved and only contain either Zero or Low-VOC's (Volatile Organic Compounds).

Although the cleaning solutions that we use are either Zero or Low-VOC, they are VERY effective in killing mold/fungal growth on the various surfaces they are applied to.

No VOC safe cleaning solutions for mold.

Often, in this industry, an array of toxic chemicals are used within a living or workspace in an attempt to decontaminate an area of mold/fungal contamination. Due to the fact that our clients tend to be more chemically sensitive, we know how important to is to use cleaning solutions that will help minimize any risk of adverse reactions to these solutions. 


We have found through years of research and experience, we use the some of the most effective and green

products that are currently available. By utilizing a greener approach, we provide a healthier environment for our clients, as well as, a safer working environment for our remediation specialists.

We use only safe, zero to low-VOC cleaning solutions

No toxic chemicals means a healthier home & environment

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