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Removing mold spores from nonporous item

A majority of the time our clients will opt for the onsite content cleaning option, which will allow them access to their cleaned items, as well as is typically lower in overall cost (versus Offsite cleaning). 

However, with on-site content cleaning, an ample amount of space is needed on the property grounds in order to accommodate the necessary temporary cleaning stations that will need to be set up if on-site content cleaning is to be considered. On-site storage units are commonly utilized by our clients to store their cleaned personal items.

Hard surface items will all be thoroughly HEPA vacuumed and wiped with

an EPA-approved low-VOC antimicrobial solution.


Soft porous items (i.e. furniture with fabric) will be thoroughly HEPA vacuumed, fogged with a no-VOC antimicrobial solution and allowed to dry. Clothing can be laundered with detergents designed to remove mold spores.

Content Cleaning services

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