Mold Remediation

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HEPA air scrubber and full face mask

1. To begin with, HEPA vacuuming all surfaces (floor to ceiling) is an important step in removing mold/fungal mold spores that have settled on surfaces throughout the property. Heavily stained wood within open wall cavities will be sanded utilizing orbital sanders that will be connected to HEPA vacuums so that mold/fungal spores can be more readily captured after being dislodged from the surface of the wood. Wire-brushing will additionally be used in hard to reach areas where HEPA sanding is not possible. 


2. All surfaces will be hand wiped with a EPA-approved low-VOC antimicrobial solution. Hand wiping all surfaces not only helps physically remove mold/fungal spores, but the antimicrobial solution can help deter future mold/fungal growth.


3. Lastly, all remaining building materials will be HEPA-vacuumed a second time

(according to the IICRC S520 Standard for Professional Mold Remediation).

Typical Certified Mold Remediation process

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